Spark for Beginners: Tutorials – Spark Twitter analysis with spark SQL – example

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In this tutorial, we’ll do a simple analysis of sentimental Tweets Spark with SQL on a json file. This exercise is designed in Java to retrieve a stream of Tweets and Scala for spark SQL scripts. You will find the Repo Github link in the tutorial.


above illustrates the architecture of our application.


Design Phase


Note: Phase 3 is not yet implemented. A tutorial will be dedicated to him soon.

Retrieving Tweets by Categories

  • food
  • foodporn
  • recipe
  • cooking
  • healthy
  • cook
  • recipes
  • yummy
  • instafood


The most used languages for Tweets
SELECT lang, count(*) as c FROM EntertainmentTable WHERE lang is not null GROUP BY lang ORDER BY c desc limit 10


Repo Github