Linking Analytics with another AdSense Account

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It is important that you integrate Google AdSense with your Google Analytics account as you will then be able track the ad performance (CTR, CPM, revenue, etc.) of individual pages of your site without having to create AdSense channels.

You are maintaining two separate Google Accounts – your first Google Account (say is configured with AdSense while the other account (say is associated with Google Analytics.

How do you then link these two accounts so that you can track AdSense and Analytics data from the same dashboard?

If are facing a similar issue, here’s a simple solution courtesy:

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CSS 3 Change default radio button style

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Here’s a simple code snippet that allow to change default radio button design, and set a background image.

Here is a screenshot of the result obtained after modifying the default radio button design.

CSS3 radio button
CSS3 radio button

We only used HTML5 and CSS3 to get this result,  enjoy.

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Fail2ban-client show banned IPs

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How to show banned IPs with Fail2ban client

It’s very simple to show the list of banned IPs with Fail2ban, first you have to select in witch jail you want to show the blocked IPs. To get the active jails type:

fail2ban-client status

Then you have to select a jail to show banned IPs with this jail

fail2ban-client status <JAIL-NAME>

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jQuery Custom Selector for selecting elements by exact text :textEquals

How to find exact text with jQuery ?

I needed a way to find labels based on the text that they contained.? I thought about using :contains() for this, but in this particular case the text items I was searching on were names and I could have similar names that :contains() could incorrectly match on.? For instance, if I was searching for “School, Tim” and there was an item with the text “School, Timothy” I would get both items returned.? This is not the behavior I was looking for.

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Age of empires castle siege cheat hack windows 10

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Age of empires castle siege cheat

In this video, I show how to hack Age of empires castle siege on windows 10 with cheat engine 2016 software to get unlimited coins.

Happy watching

Install and configure Fail2ban with Docker

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About this guide

This step-by-step guide exists to help you install and configure Fail2ban on your server to prevent hackers attack ( SSH and WordPress brute force attack ).

We discussed How fail2ban works on the previous post.


Fail2ban is installed as part of the target environment(Ubuntu), the container remains independent. However, to interpret the filters Fail2ban must have access to the container log files.
The following example shows Fail2ban, Docker Host, and Container on an Ubuntu server with iptables. Fail2ban should monitor and protect the SSH accesses to the Ubuntu server and the HTTP accesses to the Docker container.

fail2ban docker iptables
fail2ban docker iptables

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How fail2ban works

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fail2ban logo
Fail2ban logo

Fail2ban helps protect a server from brute force and Deny-Of-Services (DOS) attacks.

  • Fail2ban is developed in Python language
  • Fail2ban analyzes the logs of the server when it detects several unsuccessful connection attempts it will put in place actions that you will have defined such as blocking the IP address or send alert email
  • Fail2Ban is based on a system of jails that can be set, enabled or disabled in a simple configuration file (/etc/fail2ban/jail.conf)

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