Show loading while performing an operation in Flutter

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In this example, I’m going to share the code which will help you to show a Loader icon when an operation is being performed.

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Dockerize Ionic application

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docker + ionic

Ionic Framework  is a mix of tools and technologies to develop hybrid mobile applications quickly and easily. It relies on Angular for the web application part of the framework and on Cordova  for the construction part of the native applications. This open source framework makes it possible to develop a deployable application on several environments such as a website or a mobile application for systems such as Android or iOS or Windows Phone

In this article, there is no question of discovering this framwework, but rather to set up our test environment. From docker, here we will see how to prepare your dockerfile to get there.


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Linking Analytics with another AdSense Account

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It is important that you integrate Google AdSense with your Google Analytics account as you will then be able track the ad performance (CTR, CPM, revenue, etc.) of individual pages of your site without having to create AdSense channels.

You are maintaining two separate Google Accounts – your first Google Account (say is configured with AdSense while the other account (say is associated with Google Analytics.

How do you then link these two accounts so that you can track AdSense and Analytics data from the same dashboard?

If are facing a similar issue, here’s a simple solution courtesy:

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